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Well over the past week or so I have had plenty of time to sit back and take a critical look at the new Nintendo Revolution controller. Initially Anthony Rizzo Youth Jersey , when I first saw the teaser I was excited about the possibilities the new controller offered. However after some more reflection and further reading, though I am still enthusiastic, I think there are some serious questions that need to be asked.

Nintendo has been an innovator in the video game industry since the early 1980聮s. From the very beginning, Nintendo engineers have had to prove themselves. The introduction of the analogue controller and even the 聯rumble pack?was met with a great deal of skepticism Cole Hamels Youth Jersey , yet are considered industry standards today. However, a single hand remote style controller is arguably a much larger innovation and is met with even more skepticism.

It has been reported on several websites that the Nintendo Revolution will be compatible with Gamecube titles. Of course this raises questions on how the new controller will function with these games

Will gamers be able to adapt to a single hand controller? I think the answer to this question will depend on game developers. The success of the controller and the console for that matter depends on whether-or-not game developers will be able to produce games which compliment the new controller.

This also raises questions over game cross-over from one system to another. With the introduction of a whole new controller, effectively changing the way we play games Jason Heyward Youth Jersey , well we see a drop in big title games available for multiple systems?

With the release of the new teaser and a slew of new images, people are forgetting that the new Nintendo Revolution controller is not at the final design stage.

聯No, this is not the final design. You won聮t see that until the release is here, but we are getting much closer Ben Zobrist Youth Jersey ,?explained Kaplan.

Over the next several months, more information will become available. Information which will either put much of the skepticism to rest, or more likely, create even more. With a product like the Nintendo Revolution controller Kris Bryant Youth Jersey , apprehension and skepticism are natural, making this a critical time for Nintendo. With the release of the Xbox before the end of 2005 and the processing power of the Playstation 3 Nintendo really does have to come up with something revolutionary to compete in the next generation game console market. Does Nintendo really have something special for us? Only Time well tell.

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Question: 1

Which of the following conditions will prevent an OSPF adjacency from reaching the full state? Choose three answers.

A. MTU mismatch
B. Incorrect subnet mask
C. System interface not included in OSPF
D. Area ID not the same
E. Different metric set on each end of the link
F. Router ID not defined

Answer: A, B Kyle Schwarber Youth Jersey , D

Question: 2

Click the exhibit button.

The following command sequence is executed on router R2:
A: R2# configure router ospf router-id
A: R2# configure router router-id
On router R1, what router ID appears for router R2 directly after these commands are executed?


Answer: C

Question: 3

In an OSPF Hello packet, which of the following fields must match for all neighbor routers on the segment? Choose three answers.

A. Area ID W B.
B. Hello and Dead intervals PC.
C. Stub flag
D. Checksum values
E. The list of neighbors

Answer: A, B Yu Darvish Youth Jersey , C

Question: 4

Click the exhibit button.

The OSPF adjacency between routers R3 and R1 is down. What is the problem?

A. Area 1 of router R1 should not be configured as a stub.
B. Router R3 has the incorrect authentication key type.
C. Router R1 has the incorrect authentication key type.
D. There is not enough information to tell.

Answer: C

Question: 5

Click the exhibit button.

Given the topology and the show commands, and assuming that router R2 advertises all of its loopbacks into OSPF, what is the correct router R1 configuration?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Answer: A

Question: 6

In which of the following types of areas does an OSPF router not set the E bit in its Type 1 LSA?

A. Not so stubby area
B. Stub area
C. Backbone area
D. Normal area

Answer: B

Question: 7

Click the exhibit button.

In the topology shown, router R1 is an ASBR configured to export external routes to OSPF. Which of the following statements regarding the OSPF LSAs in the network is true?

A. Router R1 generates a type 5 LSA that is flooded through all OSPF areas. Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Custom Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap Hoodies   Cheap Throwback Jerseys   Cheap Stitched Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale   Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys   Cheap Football Jerseys   Wholesale Hats

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