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My 6 year old Kenmore dryer crapped out on me a week ago, I could see sparks inside the back of the dryer. I looked at replacing the washer/dryer set but the prices are climbing by the day. After identifying the faulty heater coil on Google I watched a Youtube video showing the procedure for replacement. This coil was cheaper than the sales tax would have been on a coil bought locally, made my buying decision easy. Paid the expedited shipping and got the coil to me door in 3 days. Installation was pretty straight forward, it takes a bit of luck to get the stretched coil spaced properly the first go around but nothing too difficult about it. Dryer is working like a champ after $13 and a couple hours of labor, it was actually a little fun doing the repair. The repair probably would have cost about $200 locally.
   Leslie Olin
I FREAKING LOVE THESE. I was skeptical about these at first. They are the come comfortable sheets I have owned for this price. They do SEEM  like they will be too big when you first get them, however once you wash them they fit perfect. HOWEVER, we also own a Cal. King and they fit it a lot better than our standard king. Buy them, you wont regret it.
   Gemma Galapon Teneza

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