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Working principle of water ring vacuum pump

Working principle of water ring vacuum pump

Today, I would like to introduce the operation principle of the vacuum pump of the water ring. Let's have a look at it:

The vacuum pump (mechanical capacity increasing pump) used for higher vacuum can not directly exhaust the atmosphere. For example, the pressure difference between the suction port and the exhaust port of the roots vacuum pump will be too large, which will overload the roots vacuum pump. For example, the complex increase of the motor power of the vacuum pump will cause the vacuum pump to overheat, which will cause the weak gap between the roots vacuum pump spindles to get stuck quickly due to thermal contraction. In order to ensure that the vacuum pump can achieve a higher vacuum, it is necessary to guarantee the gap between the vacuum pump spindles. Therefore, when the vacuum pump is used, it must be equipped with a front-end pump. When the pressure in the debris is pumped to a certain scale, the vacuum pump can be started again, so as to prevent the overload of the vacuum pump. The front stage pump can select water (liquid) ring vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump, slide valve vacuum pump, round-trip vacuum pump and other vacuum pumps that can directly discharge the atmosphere.

Under normal conditions, it is more useless to select water ring pump as the front pump of vacuum unit than other vacuum pumps. This is important because it can pump out a large number of condensable steam, especially when the power of removing condensable steam is not enough, or the solvent used can make the pump oil better without performance, or the time when the vacuum fragmentary oil is not allowed to be purified is more obvious However.

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