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dded at home. I opene

That year, I had the first book. Unlike other children, I almost ignored the illustrations in the book. However, once the night pulled down, I clenched my mother's hand, glared at my eyes, straightened my ears, focused my hopeful eyes, and listened to her turning the story into sweet candy between the opening and closing of her lips. When Tang Qin entered his heart, he slept beautifully Carton Of Cigarettes. When the darkness was chased away, Chaoyang hurriedly burst into a red arc, and the light illuminated my growth path, prompting me to move forward. In elementary school, my bookshelves received dozens of guests one after another. Not to be humble, they scramble to rank in the most prominent position. In my spare time, I picked up a book and let the wind blow the pages of the book, let the lily's shadow jump in the paper. The characters in the book are always so touching, making me often applaud for Qi Tian Da Sheng Jiang Demon demon; often squat in the grass, push away a green leaf, grinning excitedly, shaking his head in search of villain The trace of the country; often curled up in the corner of the bed on the night when the moon is dark and windy Marlboro Cigarettes, worried about the arrival of the evil witch ... Through the window of my heart, I am glad to see that the ray of dawn becomes a semicircle, and finally it is a round from the horizon The next jump made me feel particularly warm. A few years ago, a computer was added at home. I opened my eyes and started to walk into this virtual world to find more fun. I once followed a mushroom-plumbing plumber to swim in its happy country, eating countless mushrooms and eating endless joy. I completely forgot my best friend, who once accompanied me through my golden childhood, is now replaced by the unreal image in the game. So they hid lonely in the bookcase and wept silently. The bitter tears stained the paper yellow, wrinkled the corners ... Inadvertently glanced out of the window, the light seemed to dim a bit, lazily passed the canopy, and no longer patronized my growth path. Yesterday, I cleaned the room and accidentally hit the bookshelf, and a copy of "Charlotte's Net" fell off and fell. "Bang", I was shocked. Look at it again, almost fell to pieces. Bending down to ninety degrees, Charlotte's image in the book suddenly became clear in the dusty memories of mountains and seas Wholesale Cigarettes, one after another, stabbing my brain. The kind spider began to spin silk in his mind, and gradually weaved a web of memories, entangled my feelings for it. My heart began to ripple, and after a long time I could n��t calm down, I kept washing the memories of the past, after all, they are my best friends, always with me; they are my wealth, and I will benefit for life; I am the breeze, and my mind is clean; Drizzle, wipe the dust and grow up, we meet again. I knocked down the young age and missed the death. The colorful sunlight mottled the sky blue and refracted into my soul. I firmly believe that this piece of sunlight will be more dazzling, eternal in my heart.
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