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Hilderbrand informs me lovely young lover typical why is so you might

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Just great music.  We saw the show twice and the talent was better than the originals.
   Cyrus John
Fit well.......light weight.............long length..........very satisfied!
   Taylor Nixon
Nice quality
   Tony Rowe
Excellent CD.  Received right on time in great condition. Very pleased with the service.
   Stacey Fitzsimons
Great mask and will buy them again
   Alex Laidi
I LOVED this book!!!  I watched Jersey Belle on Bravo and was really hoping it'd be back for a second season. But it wasn't. However, I loved Jaime. I loved watching her build a life in the South after growing up in the North. And to read it all from the beginning and see how it all came to be was very interesting. More than once I literally laughed out loud. She's The kind of person I would probably be best friends with. She's open, honest, and real. She holds nothing back and that's what makes this book so great.
   Tatiana Vu

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