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The theory behind stretching the male

No matter how modern our society has become Greg Monroe Pistons Jersey , several traditional values stay in the core of many families in the country. One of those values that we keep up is the human life. Now enters the issue of abortion and abortion providers. Liberal thinkers welcome new ideas and change. Even unconventional ideas like gay marriage and abortion is allowing to thrive in our society. Personally, I don’t mind having these within reach. They give variety to our social and cultural norms. They are also live proofs that the people has a voice and that the government listens to it.

This is not true in every state though. Take gay marriage. It is only legal in some states like California, New York, and Washington DC. And marijuana—we have to include marijuana here. California is the most popular state that legalizes marijuana. But other states like Alaska and Hawaii—with regulations of course. What about abortion? It is mostly legal in the American states but with very strict regulations. Some states added stricter regulations because of protests from pro-life groups and traditional legislators. We have to understand that these people are not prude. They are just raised in a kind of culture where life and family are things that shouldn't handled lightly.

On the other hand Grant Long Pistons Jersey , liberal-minded people are not reckless and without values. They are only thinking about the rights and feelings of other people who, even though different from theirs, exist. People with such feelings and choices have the right to express themselves as well. The pioneers for legalization of abortion, gay marriage Grant Hill Pistons Jersey , and other non-conventional practices are actually very brave. Before them, nobody was strong enough to step forward and raise the issue. Now, we have people who counter abortion but there are pro-choice movements who fight to keep abortion legal as well.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I wish pros and antis learn to understand each other’s stands. Understand each group’s values and respect the cause they stand for. When respect comes in Gigi Datome Pistons Jersey , especially when opinions is involving, there is most likely less trouble among the two or more conflicting parties. We don’t have to become such bigots to our beliefs. Change is happening whether we like it or not. I hope there comes a time when an abortion clinic can exist and people (even if they are anti-abortion) can accept is as an option for the female citizens of the country.

After all, abortion clinics are not forcing themselves to women’s lives. They remain as that—options. Opposing opinions do not have to result to hateful protests and long debates that are not even accessible to most women in the country. You voice your opinions. We accept that. You need to spread them to your target audience. You have the media. Can’t you leave it at that? Leave it for the women to decide what choice is better for themselves and their future. It all boils down to personal choice after all. A simple layout of your platform can plant the seed of your opinions to your audience. I believe that’s enough. It is no news that male organ size is a major concern for many men, and that sometimes men will explore all sorts of options in pursuit of a longer or thicker manhood. In some cases Ersan Ilyasova Pistons Jersey , such pursuits may also bring about member pain, raising the question of whether it is worthwhile to risk some male organ health issues in pursuit of greater organ size. One popular method men may try for expanding their member is the use of manhood weights. Does this option result in member pain?

The method

The basic premise behind manhood weights is simplicity itself. For this reason, it is one of the more popular methods for a man to try. However, as shall soon be apparent Donatas Motiejunas Pistons Jersey , it is also likely to result in some pain and discomfort, which does limit its long-term continued use among many men who decide to give it a try.

In most cases, using manhood weights is simple. A sturdy strap is attached around the male organ, often just below the glans. The strap may be of varying lengths. At the other end of the strap Dennis Rodman Pistons Jersey , a weight is attached. The weight pulls the male organ downward, stretching it out. The greater the weight, the more forceful the pull and stretch.

Typically, beginners start with the lightest weights and gradually build up to more or heavier weights in order to extend the pull and stretch.

Different sources will suggest different minimum and maximum lengths of time to undergo the stretching Danny Granger Pistons Jersey , as well as weights to employ. The frequency with which the process should be repeated also varies from one source to another.

Does it work?

The theory behind stretching the male organ via manhood weights is that repeated application of sufficient weights will cause the manhood tissue to stretch, thereby resulting in a longer organ.

As to whether it works – well, that is rather a source of debate among many people. Certainly there have been no carefully designed trials to determine whether they truly do make a difference or not. Many, many people D.J. Augustin Pistons Jersey , especially doctors, believe they produce no benefits and that the risk associated with them is far too great to justify their use.

Some men do insist, however, that using them over and over for a long period of time does result in some manhood lengthening. How much gain is achieved Christian Laettner Pistons Jersey , and whether that gain is strictly discernible when the manhood is soft – and therefore whether the tumescent manhood is also lengthened – is up for debate.

Member pain

What is not up for debate is that use of manhood weights does indeed carry the risk of member pain – and potentially of long-term male member damage. Hanging weights from the manhood is bound to result in some pain, as the org.

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